Katrien Cazaerck:


In 1991 I bought a Rottweiler from Lydie Huybrechts, kennel Van het Dorendal in Limburg. My puppy listened to the name Silvie but also sometimes not at all, so I took the puppy to a dog obedience course. A real revelation for me, this appealed to me so much that I applied for an obedience instructor course at the Royal Society St Hubertus. And so, after a year’s internship and 2 exams, I became an official obedience instructor. Teaching twice a week which made me learn a huge amount myself. But I did not want to stand still and the group of people taking IPO lessons, the work programme with tracking, bite work and obedience intrigued me. So after a few tests, the decision was made to enrich my dog and myself with this training. It was really tough and by trial and error we secured our IPO1 diploma with great joy after 2 years of training. Instructor- Obedience I stayed for 2 years in total.

My dog Silvie, who gave rise to my current life now, then introduced me to so many different forms of “working with dogs” that I opted for a dog life…Yep!

I successfully completed a dog grooming course during 1995-1996 while my own grooming salon opened its doors in De Pinte.

Almost simultaneously, I bought my first Maltese named “Xantippe” and shortly afterwards she was joined by “Xelianne”.

These two little dogs are the foundation of “De Perro Cortes”

De Perro Cortes family:


Breed description:


Country of origin: Italy

Original task: companion dog

Current task: companion dog

Average life expectancy: 12-14 years

Average height at withers: 21 to 26 cm for males; 

20 to 24 cm for bitches

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Regulation dogs when exporting:

Most important rule: The puppy must be 15 weeks!


Raising, house-training and understanding a puppy is a kynological science. The common thread here is consistency, training and patience.

You need to acquire the necessary knowledge yourself to offer your Maltese the right upbringing! A well-behaved dog you are loved by everywhere will be your reward.

Know that your puppy Maltese will live for 12 to 16 years and deserves the same respect, commitment and love as any animal. All its life!

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